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LLB in Maritime Law

Training objectives: This major aims at training students with excellent English skills, legal base, and familiar with the maritime business. The students who are well- known of the Maritime law and Admiralty law, at the same time, they can practice their knowledge in different situations.

Specialty: Maritime Law is the distinguishing major in Dalian Maritime University. Complete course design, abundant teachers group, rich academic achievements make Maritime Law major has a priority place in all the academic institutions and a well-known reputation. 

The details are 

  • 1. The special model for training law school student with clear shipping platform and direction. 

  • 2. Reinforce students’ English skills, teaching professional subjects in English or semi-English environment, making the students become maritime law talents with both English skills and international visions. 3. Multi-ways in cooperation programs with foreign universities. 4. Terminations and multilevel in legal practice.

Enrolling Requirements: Maritime Law is a four years major. Students get into different majors according to their previous two years grades and personal intentions. The students will getgrant bachelor degree after their graduation. We expect the English-speaking candidates with soiled political quality, strong affection in shipping industries, and who can strictly obey the discipline.

Main courses: Jurisprudence, constitutional law, civil law, criminal law, administrative law, property law, creditor's rights law, commercial law, civil procedure law, international law, private international law, maritime law, property law, introduction to ship the ship crew law, liner shipping practice and law, charter transportation practice and law, Hang Hyundai science and practice and law, maritime insurance law, maritime law, maritime litigation and arbitration, English etc.

Employment prospects: In addition to about 30% graduates choose to go to graduate school or study abroad, mostly in the Chinese or foreign shipping companies, port logistics enterprises, import and export trade companies, banks, insurance companies, law firms and the maritime court and other employment, and has been used widely acclaimed.


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